Terms and Conditions


  1. Gagan Communications is a firm registered under Shop Act 1948, having its registered office at 709 Deepali building-92, Nehru Place, New Delhi-19 acting through Gagandeep Singh Grover, the Proprietor, Authorized Signatory.
  2. Under the provisions of Section 4 of the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885, Gagan Communications has been granted Access service Category “B”, District (South Delhi) dated 20th March 2017 by the Licensor, Department of Telecommunications, Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi.
  3. All complaints of Customer in this regard shall be addressed / handled as per the orders or regulations or directions issued by the Licensor or TRAI from time to time.
  4. Any dispute, with regard to the provision of Service shall be a matter only between the aggrieved party and the Licensee, who shall duly notify this to all before providing the Service. And in no case, the Licensor shall bear any liability or responsibility in the matter. The LICENSEE shall keep the Licensor indemnified for all claims, cost, charges or damages in the matter.
  5. The Customer Application form is governed by the provision of Indian Telegraph Act, 1885, Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1993 and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997 and Information Technology Act, 2000, as modified, amended or replaced from time to time or any other relevant Act.
  6. Gagan Communications shall refund the Non Interest bearing Security Deposit paid by the Customer within 60 days of Disconnection of the Connection.
  7. Gagan Communications shall bill Customer as per the billing cycle, which shall run on the frequency as may be decided by Gagan Communications from time to time.
  8. Charging shall occur on the basis of information captured by the network for pulse and charging mechanism or your relevant bill plan.
  9. Bills shall be sent at the billing address of the customer as mentioned in a CAF. Gagan Communications shall not be responsible for non-receipt of bill(s) and in such an event, it shall be incumbent on the Customer to enquire about the dues and settle the same.
  10. All payments are to be made by the prescribed due date. All non-cash payment is subject to realization. Payment beyond due date shall incur late fee as prescribed by Gagan Communications from time to time and taxes thereon. The same shall be payable from the due date till actual realization of payment. Outstation Cheques shall not be accepted. All taxes, present and future, and additional taxes/cess/duties etc. levied by Government /Local authorities etc. with respect to services provided under this form will be charged to the customer’s account
  11. Upon delay/non-payment of bills beyond the due date or non-deposit of any fee, charge or deposit, or any increase thereof Gagan Communications reserves the right to totally or partially disconnect the service of such customer. For restoring the services, the customer shall have to apply for reactivation of the connection, after making the due payment and the applicable restoration charges. Gagan Communications shall not be liable for customer equipment being faulty/incompatible.
  12. In case of customer opting for e-bill facility, all details shall be exchanged through the medium of Internet and Gagan Communications shall not be responsible or liable for the secrecy or security of the same under any circumstances.
  13. Services are used for communication purpose only. Gagan Communications is a facilitator/medium for communication services. Accordingly you should use prudent judgment while using services and note that Gagan Communications shall not be responsible for the content transmitted through the services and not use the services in any way and not transmit anything, which violates any compliance requirements or prejudice social or national interest.
  14. If Gagan Communications has reason to believe or received instructions from any authorized agency Gagan Communications may suspend or terminate any services
  15. If during re-verification process by Gagan Communications or DoT or any security agencies. It is found that Customer address in not correct in the database then the connection may be disconnected forthwith and you shall be responsible for any consequent hardship.
  16. Gagan Communications shall be entitled to disconnect or suspend the services without any notice whenever this form is found non-compliant on its own and /or on the audit by any authority, or on the investigation by DoT / Security Agencies.